How to Set Up MobiHelp

Hello Applines… lol.
After you are done downloading MobiHelp from the Google Play Store Free:
The next step is to start setting up and using MobiHelp to its full potential.

This is how to use MobiHelp:
1.Go to your menu and click on the MobiHelp icon
2. Choose your network and start using its services without typing any of those funny codes
3. You can also give us feedback about the app. What you would like on the new update.
4. You can share the app with friends on all social platforms.

FINALLY Setting Up The Widget:

5. MobiHelp has a widget to serve you better. In other to use this widget follow this steps:

-On your Android home screen (Please ensure that there is enough space) click and hold the space until a listed menu displays.

-Click on App and widget. On some versions of android it could just show up as widget.

-On clicking App and widget or Widget it would take you to the App and widget menu. Click on the widget tab

– Scroll through the widget until you see the MobiHelp icon

– hold on it until u are able to drag it to your home screen.

– You can check your balance, bundle and load your airtime from the widget.

I hope you enjoy using this app.

And always remember Jesus Loves you.


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