If God gave you His position in heaven and says Change 1 “one” thing on earth, WHAT WILL IT BE?

If God gave you His position in heaven and says Change 1 “one”  thing on earth,  WHAT WILL IT BE?

I asked this question on Saturday 10/1/2015 to all my  friends and family and “guess what?” I got a lot of pretty interesting answers.

I would write the comment and the first name of the lovely individual who made that comment. I hope you have fun and find wisdom in what was shared:

” I will kill Satan and his agents” – Aurelia

” I wnt change nothing cos Gods plans are perfect…” – Afia

” Live forever” – Curtis

” U” – Charity

” I will reverse the whole world back to adam’s time and warn eve never to accept anything from any one until I say so.”- Kafui

” Eiiii I’ll change de minds of humans to conform to God’s mind. I’ll change sin!” – Seddy

” Evil practice” –  Eva

” Black mentality. Africans are so blessed but we are content with that mainly because we refuse to see what we have. We envy those who have managed to discover theirs. Black mentality. we would want to see people falling in Church and screaming before we are convinced God is moving in our services. Black mentality says everyone is doing it so why not. God says give, and black mentality says the blessing is in receiving” – Alex

” I will change the fact that man has free will” – Frankie

” Hmmm” – ChristAdict

” Africans, a new mind” – Papa Yaw

”  Hehe interesting question. Am sure God does everything he does in his infinite wisdom and he has a reason for everything ..but If I were to be in his position ,I would  just go back in time and remove the tree of knowledge of good and evil ..lol .. That tree was the beginning of all our problems ..” – Ken

” Hmmm, The wickedness of man” – Amalaha

” our attitude towards him so dat his fear wil enta us” – Diana

” Our hearts” – Samakrasi

” Tke away hatred n corruption so that money can circulate in the system to tke people of the street n mke life comfortable for everyone – Vera

” I will make u a woman so that ladies will stop worrying you” – Smith

” The heart of man” – Kb

” Increase the voice (volume) of the Holy Spirit… Lol… That’s a joke, don’t think I’ll change anything” – Setordjie

” Da president of Ghana, Na ma own dat ” – Israel

” I will change the earth, Everything in here is messed up. ” – Larry

” Banish d devil frm d earth” – Ada

” Wow!” – Lisa

” The hearts of men” – Jones

” It will complete da International Palace church building” – Baffor

” Eiiiii” – Daisy

” Haha… Wow, wud wish that Der be nothing like sin. So dat we all get the chance to see God and praise and worship till till till”- Christabel
” I would take away evil from the world” – Bismac

” I will eradicate da devil from da earth. Lol” – Comfort

” Hmmmmm, I’m not sure” – Janet

” Eeeeeeee” – Jay

” Me, I have to be perfect to be God, then I can do it exactly how he does it ” – Alirah

” Lol. I’ll change me” – Silas

” Lol. can’t tell” – Twumasi

” Nothing. Caùse everything he has made is perfect” – Betram

” I will go back in tym 2 stop adam and eve 4rm eating d forbidden fruit and would ve love 2 lecture them on d dangers of it and how it will change d world forever…..also may God forgive me but i would not ve let Satan loose 2 cause so much troubles in d world, maybe i would have destroyed him” – Kelvin

” I will like to bring my Dad back to earth” – Dal

” Hmmm. Dat all shd come to de saving knowledge of Jesus Christ..:)” – Fuso

” Take sin out of the world” – Francis

” I honestly dunno” – Adobea

” Take out e desire 4 sinning” – Pius

” Nothing. Removing e right for us to make decisions will make us less human else that wil b e ideal thing. ;)” – Jehu

” I’ll prevent Adam and Eve’s sin… Hehe” – Augustine

“SMH, There will be no sin again, I’m serious, No hell , no death. Earth will be like heaven ” – Joel

” illuminati”  – System

” dat der wl b no sin” – Claudia

” Mahama” – Akua

” I will bring every human being to hell fire for 30min and take them to heaven for 2min and send them back to earth to make their final decision based on their lifestyle” – Chizom

” I will change every Evil person to a Good person” – Chigozirim

Are these comments not interesting?

Do you find wisdom in any?

A big thank you to all my friends who responded to this question… 


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