Animals in heaven

You got a dog, cat, or a donkey?

You wont want to see that nice pet of yours near a lion would you? That would be feast for the lion.

On earth sin has taken its hands through mankind sand of time and  has created all objects of sin for the earth dark nourishment.

My point is earth is filled with sin and only a few lights of Christ shine and I mean “True worshipers”.

Heaven would be really greater than our imagination or the true love that is genuinely. I have not been their before, and would do my best by the Grace of God to be there, but I have experienced true love of God is so many ways, and I know that is just a drop of the sea of love waiting for us.

I always remember my Late Grandfather  Rev. J.U. Omereonye (his soul rest in peace) telling  my brothers and I this: “my children, in heaven lions wont bite you, there is peace in heaven”. This is so true. Its only in places where true and pure love abides that lions wont bite (I’m smiling as I write).

On earth you can train a lion not to bite, and this can be done when the lion is still a cub. In other for this lion not to harm you or anyone, it must be shown great love. Watch this video and imagine a better picture happening in heaven.

“Let’s show pure love. God is our helper”


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