silenceTitle: Silence

The fierce ankle of silence out and in. No pain just gain in hurts of lost words of muds with no centric metric of the hearts clause.

Individuals writing and acting for lost time,
Yet mime hurts of coils in retrospect.
Killing and living so the prophet of speak says “shame, silent my ‘whatever you are'”.
What’s your aim? Just hope you don’t confuse
It for your gain. They can see your aim from your vein. Transparent yet opaque.

Care no more and live open to the supreme touch. At times silence doesn’t always come with pain.
Try hard and fetch lack of consciousness in silence.

My heart bleeds not for a shower of want, or your silence.
But a rain of peace. Peaceable peace. Peace for lease.

So I stay in silence and fumes of mute, sure to act more with vision.
Sharp they say!
God’s peace

I’m out…

Written by Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


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