Dear Mum

mumsDear Mum,
I went on Google and searched for the word “mother” just to see if a singular definition could come up to summarise your role…. but let me tell you what I saw.

So many definitions, so many answers,  so many evaluations about the role of a mother…

There is also a definition for the term “social mothers” and I laughed. It was funny. It sounded like Facebook Mothers.

Dear Mum,  let me cut the jokes for a while.
I couldn’t find out words to describe you even from the so called “internet”.

Mama, let’s go down the time line.
When you were 3 months pregnant, you had morning sickness. When the pregnancy got to 6 months, your beautiful dresses weren’t adjusting to your shapes. At the 9th month when you were in pain, you screamed in pain.
You went through discomfort just to make us comfortable.

I look into your eyes mama and I see the day you were all smiles that I was born.
Your love is the fidelity of our visions and aspirations.

Fathers instruct, but MUM you teach us what Fathers instruct us about.
Step by step.

People blame Eve for eating the fruit at the garden of Eden… But to me Mama, I realised the devil knew that a virtuous  woman is the shield to a man’s ego.

Thank God for Jesus who brought back the pride of all mankind by grace through a virtuous woman “Mary”.

Why is a nation called “Her”? This is because God knows that Mothers carry nations.

Our Love for you Mum would not die even if we were told that you are not our biological mother…

Thank God that Naomi was not the biological mother to Ruth, yet Ruth had the best mother “Naomi” who brought her up to glory.

You love us as Jesus Loves the church.

If Jesus gave us the chance to choose two comforters when He was ascending to heaven, I would choose the Holy Spirit and You.

Mum, Mama, Mummy, Mother, I (we) Love you. Happy Mothers day…

Written by:
Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


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