PANTS AND BOXERS (Part 4 Continued)


(Part 4 Continued)

Luke felt so carried away by her fleshy long neck and gave her a kiss on the neck and still saying “hit the pedal again”. She turned to look at Luke and Luke kissed her cheek and both started kissing)

Jesus and the ministering angels of this two individuals were standing at a corner watching them as they kissed their way from the music room to the bed room. Hold each other so tight while kissing, Tina stops kissing and says)

Tina: Luke I am not a virgin.

Luke: wow, really? Me too.

Tina: how come?

Luke: it’s a long story, all I feel like doing is kissing you the whole day, I think I’m in love with you. I like you.

(Both caught in the emotions begin to kiss so hard, as Luke begins to touch her breast and play with her nipples, both of them start taking of their dresses as the kiss passionately in front of Jesus. Luke takes off his boxers and Tina takes off her pants.

Tina lays down on the bed as Luke touches her and kisses her. The eyes of Jesus was getting heavy with tears in his eyes. Luke took his manhood and… (to be continue)

Written by:

Chizom Ebenezer Echehieuka


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