PANTS AND BOXERS (Part 3 Continued)

(Part 3 Continued)

Tina: Luke this is my junction, you have done well. I am grateful.
Luke: I just wanted to make sure you got home safely.
Tina: that is so nice of you. Thank you.
Luke: you are welcome. So should I be expecting you this evening?
Tina: yes, sure.
Luke: ok. Take care ok. Call me when you enter your house.
Tina: ok.

(Their hands still tangled, trying to path ways. Gave each other some unusual hugs with smile and dispersed. Luke had to walk back to his house which was 40 mins away)

Saturday evening….
Tina: Knock knock(on the door),
Luke: who is that?
Tina: it’s I Tina.(in a faint voice)
Luke: ok I am coming. (Kicks the shoes and pure water rubber under the bed and dresses his bed quickly
Tina: ok
Luke: (opens the door and says) don’t mind my room.
Tina: I know right? Boys are always dirty.

30min later after eating, drinking and laughing…..

Luke: Tina come and see my drum set, it’s in the other room. I call it my music room.
Tina: ok!

(Tina sees the drum set and rushes to it)
Tina: it is nice. Wow.
Luke: thank you.
Tina: teach me!
Luke: ok, play something and let me hear.
(Tina plays some funny stuff)
Luke: wow, that’s nice.
Tina: that’s a lie, you just don’t want me to feel bad!
Luke: ok, let me show you the basics,
(Luke goes behind Tina, holds her hand and says)
Luke: step on the pedal!
(She does step on the pedal, and this continues over and over. As time passed, Tina could feel Luke’s breath in her neck. And she would have this anxious feeling. His lips went closer to her neck. Luke felt so carried away by her fleshy long neck and…. (to be continued)

Written by:
Chizom Ebenezer Echehieuka


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