PANTS AND BOXERS (Part 2 continued)

PANTS AND BOXERS (Part 2 continued)

During the holy hour of prayer, when the vocalist and instrumentalist hold hands to pray, Luke kept looking at Tina. For a while there eyes would meet and Tina would smile.

Tina’s dad am usher in church and her mum is the women’s secretary.

Tina was brought up in the way of The Lord. Every morning she would go for the families morning devotion.

She is always seen as the perfect lady to be imitated.

Luke lost his dad at the age of 11 and was always with his mum. Born into a wealthy family, Luke was thought how to give to the house of God without looking back. Luke’s uncle would call like to his house to teach him the bible and make him memorize bible verses.

Luke’s mum made her son join the choir at the age of 16.

Let’s come back to the al-night.

Luke could not take his eyes off Tina, their eye balls keep clashing in the air like two magnetic pebbles.

When a song is raised, Tina would give her best tenor to draw the attention of Luke. When she does something really professional Luke would smile and shout “yeah”.

Luke on the other hand would play all the off beats and roles on the drum just to pull her attention.

All she does is look at him and smile.

Al-night is over and Luke decides to see Tina off. Well Tina’s path to her house is opposite that of Luke’s.

Luke begins to talk to Tina as the move side by side. As time went on, their hands begin to touch each other, well Luke as a man bravely held Tina’s hands (but with some fear and shyness).

Some feelings went into both individuals like they were electrocuted but with some sweet shock. As they spoke thoughts went the ought their minds. Heart beats began to rise, palms became so cold that they could feel each other’s warmness.

Tina: Luke (to be continued)

Written by:

Chizom Ebenezer Echehieuka


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