Somewhere in West Africa,

On Wednesday morning, Luke sat on his bed, took his phone to make a  call. Dialed the number.


Receiver picks the call, it’s a girl.

“Luke: Hello,

Tina: hi Luke, what’s up with you?

Luke: I miss you that’s why I called, you don’t even look for me. After church you just rush home and won’t say hi

Tina: Luke please it’s not like that, I always have to rush to cook for my mum and dad. Besides whenever the church closes, you stay on the drums with the other guys playing what’s the name kraaa…

Luke: jazz

Tina: Yeah yeah, jazz.

Like: oh Tina, what will boys do.

Tina: but I like the way you play the drums.

Luke: thank you, ah do you know I have one at my place? I use it to rehears.

Tina: wow! I would love to learn how to play the drums.

Luke: oh you could pass by my place and I would teach you the basics.

Tina: Hmmm, I don’t want your girlfriend to kill me!

Luke: who told you I have a girlfriend? I am single please!

Tina: are you sure?

Luke: yes!

Tina: so I would come there on Saturday evening, would that be fine by you? Besides there would be an al-night rehearsal on Friday.

Luke: yeah, sure, it is fine by me.

Mtn voice: “you have one min remaining”

Luke: Tina I have to go, I have to attend to someone.

Tina: ok, see you soon.

Phone hangs up….

(Friday al-night)

Luke in his blessed gifts of playing the drums like a drum machine, he dressed so nicely to the rehearsal just to impress Tina.

During…(to be continued)

Written by:

Chizom Ebenezer Echehieuka


3 thoughts on “PANTS AND BOXERS (Part 1)

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