I’m Coming…

TITLE: I’m Coming…

I may be standing here now,
But it’s not my now that matters,
But my next step into reality.

Every step creating a line of wins
And loses.
So, I look ahead and I can see ahead,
With no threads of the past holding me back,
But lessons learnt.

What about the multitude of friends,
All ahead and making it?

My spouse, friends, all pointing fingers at me saying
“What are you doing? You ain’t disciplined”
But they forget that I am letting God work on me by doing what HE wants me to do.

But they forget it took a Saul to be a king in of Israel in few days,
But the forget it took Saul to be changed into a Paul by Jesus.

I might be where you see me to be now,
But I am where I see myself,
Yes, where God is, that’s where I am!

So I’m coming,
It might take a while in your eyes,
And might sound like lies when I say
“All is well”

All I see is God with me,
So, world, I am coming.

Written by:
Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


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