You see, we are Christians right?
Yet we do not walk on water,
We are Christians right?
Yet we still pay medical bills like school fees,
We are Christians right?
Yet we still drag places with darkness and fear their works.
We are Christians right?
Yet demons still play with us as if we are their wool balls for cats!

Hey, keep quite and don’t blame God that you ain’t manifesting all He said you should manifest! He has nothing to do with this.
Right from the creation of planet earth and your inception, he had and has given you power over all the elements of this earth and beyond.

Hey, don’t blame God for the heart pains you are going through in your marriage because if you listened to Him, and had the right swags of the spirit running in your relationship you won’t face what you are seeing. Well, you might have fallen in love with the man or woman alone(flesh) and not the God in them.
Because if he/she loves you, he/she would honor the God in you and not defile you, they would put God first!

Oh yeah, you want to blame God for the fact that you masturbate like hell and have sex like a dog without an owner? Or you just have crazy addictions?
Hey don’t blame Him,
Because he said, come unto me all ye who are with burden, and I would give you rest! But some of us go to Him with our burdens and when He has made us free, we leave His throne and presence of mercy and go outside His will and His lifestyle and pickup more burdens again! Yes why won’t you? because he never said when you drop your burdens you should leave His presence. Did He? But we do!

Hey, don’t blame God for your job, or the pay you are earning,
Instead of blame, flame in the spirit and pray then work in faith, because citizens of heaven don’t earn economical salary and depend on it, they build the economical heaven and rejoice in it.

Yes, you guys that flaunt your lips saying “God gave me eyes to see” and you look at the ass, boobs and lips of a lady like you are the creator of her being! Your fantasy goes beyond your physical height and you have no idea at that moment that you have just fornicated with her without saying “hi!” even as she works down the road!
Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issue of your existence which is not just on earth but after here on earth!
Don’t blame God for giving you eyes my dear!

Don’t blame God because you are a beautiful woman, and now Everyman can have a manly unbiblical piece of you! Oh my lord, have you heard of a virtues woman? That’s what God wants! So think twice before you sell yourself to a multiple soul ties! Don’t even think, run from them!

Don’t blame God because you are the best in what you do and pride has stepped in!

“If you love me you would keep my commandment”, So Why do you give God a lame blame on your unrighteous fame with His name in vain, He is calling for your soul because he was slain that you may claim your position in Him and reign in His name!

You didn’t get that right?

Understand me in a nutshell before I fold my hands and stop writing for the day!

Our lifestyle and conduct can blame God even without saying a word to Him.

Remember Jesus said “Greater works shall you do”

Once the spirit of God rules you, YOU HATE EVERYTHING THAT God HATES,



Written by: Chizom Ebenezer Echehieuka


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