Title: She is not worth it(Sin)

Title: She is not worth it(Sin)

Sin was the lady that ruined my life,
Knocked me out,
Brought me down,
Once or twice in a dayI fought my way out,
Kicked her,
Slapped her,
She still came back with styles and pleading.

At times her sister called me a
Lady fighter,
In fact it ruined me,
My name, The fame, and the gospel in me.
And my unresponsive ability to blame my conscience before she comes in.

What can I say, I feel empty,
She has left, she brought her friends into my house (Gods temple).
And sooner they became My friends as well! I realized that this friends had also became the friends of the enemies I do not pray for,
But wait! These friends she introduced me to also told me to stop praying for my enemies.
They just wanted to destroy me so that they could destroy them too.
I felt pain when she tells me I am not different from my enemies (the world)
It made me jealous,
Furious, and full of pain in my heart.
Once or twice a day, I remember telling her “I love your ways”.
But NO it was the evil pleasure that came with her ways.
I knew the end if her ways was hell.
But now she is gone, what have I to loose?
Notting because another man picked me,
Notting because another man loves me,
Notting because another man cares,
Notting because another man never makes me fight My enemies.
He just loves me. I love Him,
He made me free,
And me, he freed freely.
I don’t have to kill to get saved no more.
All I have to do is to smile,
Smile at the man in the mirror because that’s who God is changing.
For the world to be a better place,
I have to make the man in the mirror better through Jesus.
I am free,
I am happy that I let go of her!
She is sin…..
And now I am clean.
(This is a piece to individuals all over the world who were in the faith with Jesus and are still in sin. Grace has found you, just stand up for Jesus)
Written by,
Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


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