LOVE STORY GONE HADES (Written by Arasoul)

LOVE STORY GONE HADES(written by Arasoul)

Very few men could live with her.
She was one who couldn’t get along with a man-any man.
She planted her love for men in a bitter root and sweet water that contaminated her perception about men and interrupted her peace. she loved the way his sweet smell lingered when he left her presence- but not anymore.

Thoughts running through her mind, she would think ” I gave him all I had, what more would he have wanted?”

” I gave her all I had”, he said.

He was always there for her, showering her with love and pocketful of romantic warmth. He was her morning dew that moisturized the wholeness of her heart.

But somewhere along the line, his love for her had become an ugly scene.

To a man, women are wicked. To a woman, men don’t deserve to live.

Human beings aren’t fair. That’s a fact! But you should take some time out to think about this, is life fair ??!!!

Pure love becomes a fairy tale when love knocks us hard to the ground.
It could take some of us days or years to recover from our emotionally transmitted diseases (ETDs).
I went blank for weeks and my experience within that period felt like paradise in hades.

I preferred to bottle up my hurts. I couldn’t trust anyone because I was shattered by the darkened side of my beloved. Candle lights were signs I could converse with. Stirring at them in the dark and knowing that time was only waxing away. I had faith in those candle lite forgetting about the Author of time who isn’t a subordinate to time but I’m subject to Him.

A heart ripped into pieces is uneasy to mend. I went to places, met new faces, smiled and laughed my head off when I met my old pals but the thoughts of my beloved was like a leech in my heart sucking the breath out of my life.

Love all you can and expect the worse from love. Be willing to take the risk.

A love story could either uplift your potentials or un make you completely .
To my young fellas, be careful who you let in to your heart

Priscilla Adams(AraSoul)


15 thoughts on “LOVE STORY GONE HADES (Written by Arasoul)

  1. Wow that’s a beautiful piece and I’m sure most ppl can relate to that. The best works are that from the emotional springs deep within you jux like a masterpiece. Well dne buddy 🙂

  2. This is another wonderful piece by such a great and wonderful poet…..your words echo the inner most thoughts of most young men and women who have experience some form of hurt in their lives…..i say kudos to you

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