Title: NO

An empty heart, an empty soul,
So has my spirit told, on my face so bold,
Save my soul, the emptiness,
What can fill it up?
What can make me whole?
What can make me bold?

Is it she? She said she loves me!
Or that guy? He said he would be there for me!
Ok, yes, it’s my parents, they can fill it up, right?

Ok, money? Fame? Friends? Avoiding the lame? Damn!
This is getting hard….
Harder than I thought,
Crazy and crazy everyday!

My friends don’t think I am doing my best,
My best friend thinks I am annoying,
My church, yes my church, just lost hope in me for one mistake I made!
My groups tagged me “evil” when it comes to gathering, and “bad news” when it come to keeping a relationship.

My friend made me wait for a “yes” to an agreement for a proposed relationship for two years, only to get a no! And to hear her say “you lost my trust once, I won’t trust you again!”

Now, I feel so miserable, so unhappy,
So angry within me, I keep asking for more each day, I really can’t be perfect right?
So I ask, why do all these have to happen to me?
Why can’t they love me?
Why can’t they smile sincerely?
Why can’t they trust me?

But this peace speaks in me right now with a still voice,
Saying “I will help, I will save you, I will use you”
Ok I know it’s you God, Holy Spirit I know it is you, but why me?

He says, “My child you know that people face worse than you do, so thank me because I am building you!”

I feel at peace, all I have to do is watch and pray, trust and obey.

For those of you facing worse, same or less than I do, God is there to help you.

Just say No to that fear and rejection and move on.

Just Say “No”

– written by Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


3 thoughts on “NO

  1. we said no to sin when we invited Him in, yet we do not know the power we possess over it so we keep crawling back to it(sin)

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