So much as the river flows,
And the free clear road goes,
So was my journey with Him,
So clear, so beautiful, so amazing,
Calming and deeper.

I feel an easy burden,
My shadow, casting its image,
I see the cross,
A recall, I heard Him Saying;
“Take up your cross and follow me”

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light”
“Because there is no limit to my possibility, and my faithfulness including my love you call Oxygen everyday”

“Holy I am, and Light is my cross,
My Light is Life; vision; prosperity; happiness; illumination; enlightenment; knowledge; Felicity; Love…”

“For my light is your work, and my light is you”

Then I realized that in my sadness; pain; want; need; heartbreak; tears; fornication; stealing; lying; drug addiction; foolishness, Backbiting; unbelief; You still loved me.
When You wanted more, I gave you less, but,
You still loved me.

The cross is grace, the cross is light, the cross is love,
the cross is all I need.
Then I realized that I didn’t just pick the cross,
but from the darkness
Into light, the cross picked me.

“The Cross Picked Me”
Jesus Picked You and I to Pick the World.

Composed by the Holy Spirit
Written by Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


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