Fair Well

Fair well

I miss u
Not feeling too Gud now
A little bit emotionally down
Can’t seem to get a grasp of my heart
It’s like I can’t breathe
Just quite,
Don’t know what to do or feel,
Tears in my eyes,
Need to get out of the water and own my ship,
Be a captain of my ship and the shepherd of the flock and one sheep,
No, this is not a rhyme but a heart of time with no dime of joy yet to be seen smiling,
Should I continue with this lifestyle or start crying?
Or should I just pass away and become a history without pages!
Still heavens gates still paves open for the strong and the weak?

A way or no way, what will end up being the matter of harm is the things I did here on earth!
The people I loved without looking back,
The hearts I broke,
The tears I dropped,
The hearts I mended and the tears I wiped!

At the end it’s how well I spent my time.
At the end it would be me in a casket being taken to my resting place, at the end it will be the eulogy said in the hearts of people and not their lips.

At the end it will be a question, ”

What is the product of my life after I am gone?

Written by: Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka

In memory of: Late Matilda
died (2009)


8 thoughts on “Fair Well

  1. Wow…didnt read this piece, this is very deep.
    brought back memories of a dear fwend i lost some years back…way 2 go

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