I know this is a long write up, but take your time to read this!

Scroll down on your Whatsapp chat history, you would realize that the last or the last five contacts could be a group or a set of friends you don’t chat with again for a while! But still we call them our contacts! A contact is there for communication, but the effectiveness of the communication matters! Do you know that 99% of the reason people are at the bottom of your whatsapp chat history is because of the less effectiveness of your communication with them? Lets say God has a Whatsapp enabled phone and we are all on it, this is what can make you be at the bottom of His contact list:

When God sends you a message from His Whatsapp, many of us don’t read it, instead we delete it! Most of us don’t open our bibles anymore. Some of us don’t read it, we just click on His message and click the back button! We don’t read His word, but we tell people we have His word! Some of us read it but do not practice it and that leads us to another section that makes us stay at the bottom of God Whatsapp list.


How can we live a holy life without Gods word? Because we did not read His word, we don’t reply! Because we read and do not practice we send Him a wrong reply of, sex clips(fornication), you send Him wrong sound files(lies and unholy songs), wrong pictures(images of you stealing)!
God is a holy God! At times He deletes you from His chat History (not from His contacts), or at times He ignores your messages so that those who give Him the right reply may push your message down the stack!


God is merciful and also a consuming fire. When He sends you a message, His intention is to help you! Read His word, spend time to read His word! Soak yourself in it! Reflect the word of God to your situation or habit! Express His word in you! And look at situations that had happened where you should have applied His word and how you could apply it if it had happened again.

Send God the right reply! And these are Some few tips to doing just that!

Reply In Words:
Send God Prayers, telling Him about His word! Talk to Him in the Chat about your challenges, thank Him for sending you His message, and tell Him you are awaiting His reply! Copy you message and Keep posting it on Gods Wall! He will surely reply! One thing I know is when God see a message on His Whatsapp that is directed to Him stating His own message (The Word Of God), He does not ignore. God really doesn’t like so much buzz from one person, so keep buzzing Him, and wait, He will reply!

Reply With Sound Files:
Give God praise, sing songs so Him, sound His Praise! Record it to Him and upload to His wall always! Sing of His Love, Mercy, Grace! Tell Him in your sound file How Big His Swags is to you! Trust me, God is a supper user on His Whatsapp! Once your sound file is directed to God, your sound file can range from 10Mb to an infinity Terabyte. He loves sound files. At time God connects your sound to His heavenly Woofers and plays it so that His angels could hear! God loves dancing to your sound files!
Just keep praising Him!

Reply With Video Clips and Pics:
Take a video of your works and don’t send it to anyone except God! Because its only God that can reward your works! PAY YOUR TITHE, and Let the Video be sent to God, for Gods eyes only! Give to the poor and let the video be sent to God, and for Gods eyes only! Pay your vows, Carryout your duty in the House of God diligently, and take that video and Send it to God, and For Gods eyes only! Show LOVE to one another For God and For Gods eyes only!

Send Your Contacts to God!:
Send God your friends and your enemies contact from your phone(your heart)! Sending this to Him means you are praying for them!

Share Other People’s Messages with God:
Did a boy in your choir speak wrongly about you? Send it to God and ask what to do! No one called you when you where sick and all you got was, a message saying “we don’t care, you must be at church or office” send that message to God and wait for a reply from God!

Share Gods Messages :
The bible says “woe unto me if I don’t preach the good news” – we need to Share Gods message to us in the bus, in our classes, at the office, at the beach, at a gig, share it even through mails! Share it on Whatsapp! And when sharing Gods word, don’t forget to add JESUS contact to It!

Are you still loosing touch with God? No matter the wrong messages you have sent to God in the past; is it the message of lust, fornication, unholy songs, backbiting, murder, involving yourself in dark magic, plotting evil for someones else downfall? it could be anything! Just ask God for mercy and Ask Him to send you His son’s contact (Jesus)! He will send Him to you, and you will feel peace, Then know that God just put you on top of His Whatsapp list and all you have to do is communicate back and He will communicate His grace to you!

*Say this Prayer*
Lord Jesus, Have mercy on me, forgive me, wash me clean, come into my heart Lord Jesus and stay in me! I confess you as my savior, and I believe that God raised you from the dead! I know you have heard me and forgiven me, I am free! In Jesus name Amen!

Inspired by: The Holy Spirit
Written by: Ebenezer Chizom Echehieuka


35 thoughts on “IF GOD WAS ON WHATSAPP

  1. Good job son find some other means to make. It more exciting coz reading the txt alone is boring add pictures to make it look colorful

  2. Chizom, This is very good. Good work done but I wish you could make it more interesting to catch a lot of attention

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